Diagnostic Tool "Login" issues

Howdee all,

This is my first day adding devices and I am having lots of fun. I keep having random failed Device Adds (I have another thread for that), and the solution is to Reboot.

I was able to initiate a reboot from my PC browser and then from my Phone browser without issue, once each.

However, after "logging in" with my Mac address, clicking reboot fails. I am able to get around this by opening an anonymous tab.

Am I doing something wrong?

Usually just means the login to the diagnostic tool page expired.

Try explicitly logging out, then logging in again with the MAC address. The times when I've heard of this happening are related to the problem mentioned above, and this is a solution that should work without the need for a private/anonymous tab. (But yes, it would be nice if the "main" page would know this too and not show you as logged in.)


Duh. Thanks, I didn't even look for a logout.