DHCP scope updated, will Hubitat update config accordingly?

I upgraded my home network last night and created a new DHCP scope for my network (same SSID as before). Hubitat is online.

I have Konnected.io panels configured into HMS along with a few other wireless add-ons. These all have new IP addresses as they are on a new DHCP scope. My question is:

Will the Hubitat update it's configuration with the new IPs of the Konnected.io panels and other devices? Is there a way to update the config with the new device IPs?

Thanks! Appreciate the assist!


Did you have DHCP reservations setup on the old router for those devices, including your Hub? If so I'd suggest writing down all of the MAC Addresses and ips then put those into the new router then reboot the devices, if the routers are using the same internal network subnet. If the new router is using a new subnet you would either need to change it to what you were using and put the reservations back in and reboot devices or put in new reservations and change all the ip info for those connected devices.