Devolo Z Wave Key Fob Button Controller

Hi all, I'm a bit stuck and normally I can work it out from topics on here but this time I need a little help that I'm hoping someone has the experience to provide.

I have a couple of Devolo z wave keyfob button controllers (same hardware as the popp and keyfobs)

I've added the customer driver for these but for the life of me, I cannot get my hubitat to add the devices. They come up as ghosts but wont get any further, its driving me absolutely mad!

Can anyone offer any ideas?

@emmaharrismill Do you have any other ghosts in your z-wave details page?

No, its the only one that keeps coming up like that. I've managed to add one of the fobs now and it works fine, no idea if i did anything different but the second one is still adding as a ghost when I try to add it

How close to the hub are you. Try doing right next to it. And factory reset it first

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@rlithgow1 thats where I got to with the other one that's now on the network. I guess its just a case of keep going till it comes good. Thank you!

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With creating so many ghosts, for giggles shut down the hub from the settings menu. Unplug the hub (at the wall not the hub) for 5 mins and power back up. This will clear the z-wave radio and possibly help you pair.

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@rlithgow1 I'll give that a try, thank you so much

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Keep us abreast of your progress. :slight_smile:

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