Device's Type not updating after updating User Defined Driver Code

Is there something specific that needs to be performed in order for a Device to pickup changes made to Driver Code? It seems a bit inconstant, but it seems like sometimes when I make and save a change to a Device Type Driver Code, the Device "picks up" the change and other times not.

Thanks, Glenn

MIne always updates immediately. Where are you seeing that it doesn't "pick-up" that change? In the edit device window in Hubitat or in an integration like GH or Amazon Alexa?

It uses the new code immediately, but you may need to do a page refresh. Only the right part of the page where the device states are shown is dynamic.

Ok, I'll give it another look.

The example I was seeing had to do with an error message in the log. I commented out the live causing the issue but the error still showed up.

I had to reboot the hub in order for the error to go away.

Hey guys!

Just updated to @csteele's latest aeotec multisensor 6 driver (v1.6) and I am getting the same behavior on the devices page. I refresh, edit etc and it still says v1.5. Will reboot just to see what happens. My hub has been acting a bit cranky lately because I've been adding a bunch of z-wave+ devices (in the middle of a renovation).

Click Save Device then Save Preferences.

Yeah I did that, also selected the HE driver, saved then selected yours again. Don't think it's your driver. My system may be getting overloaded for some reason - may have to check with support..

Also I am NOT using WebCoRE !!!!! :smile:

No, it's not your hub, it's just that the check that updates those fields occurs in updated() method.

updated() - runs when save is clicked in the preferences section

It has to go out to github and get the json file.. not a local thing, so it occurs rarely. The check is run once a week, so simply waiting will do it too. :slight_smile:

Okay that's good to know. Won't stress over it. Thanks again for all your work on this platform. You've been very helpful and your code has been as well!!!!

Just to followup - after a reboot, save preferences seemed to do the trick.