Devices that support flash command

Just curious if we could get a list started of bulbs/dimmers that support the "flash" command in hubitat. I see the option in the device settings for several of my devices but activating doesn't appear to do anything.

Thanks in advance

If the flash command is in the driver details, it is implemented in the driver.
Do you have specific devices and or drivers that it’s not working on?

My lutron dimmers all show the flash command, but it doesn’t appear to do anything, same thing with my zooz zen22 dimmers. Would love to see it supported in the hue bridge integration, but I know that’s a separate issue.

I guess hue bulbs dont support it via Hubitat. I cant seem to get it to work...... @mike.maxwell

Hue bridge supports flash, but not via the integration. Correct.

If you want to try something that does support flash and more check out the ported ST app/driver called Hue B Smart that @xap posted. It supports all the available HUE features.

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Is there any plan on supporting the flash command true the HE HueBridge integration? It's working if I call the API in my browser, but seems to be missing in the integration.


Any luck on this?

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