Devices tab and Empty Rooms/Missing Devices

I feel that the Devices tab is a bit misleading as it does not include all devices, but only shows lights & switches just like Android version 1.7.2 - it would be great if more devices are supported in a future version.

Due to the above, I have a lot of "empty" rooms - it would be good if the empty rooms can be hidden, thanks!

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Yeah, it can be confusing. "Devices" means all devices in the hub web UI, but in the mobile app UI it is a subset. That difference/limitation is not clear until you notice things are missing, and it's not clear why they are missing. I get that there just isn't room for a longer/clearer name in the mobile app UI...possibly the three-dot menu could include a "Supported Devices" entry that when tapped would display a short description of which types are supported to keep folks from spending time trying to figure out why/ask questions here about missing devices.

@moncho1138 - are there plans to expand the range of supported devices in the Device section?

For instance, the driver I use w/my blinds motors exposes both on/off and level states like a bulb/dimmer does (and those states are controllable in RM, RL, etc.) so it seems like it should be possible to make blinds (and other devices who's drivers expose those states) availble in the mobile app on the Devices tab.

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Yeah, not sure whats up with the Device page since its missing half my stuff. Then I went to 'add device' thinking thats what I needed to do but thats actually adding new device to the hub.

Need to use the hub dashboard to see what I want.

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For good measure, I cleared storage on the new Hubitat Android App 2.0.1 (239) then signed in anew, I connected back to my existing mobile device (after logging out of my legacy app and updating to the latest version of the new app).

My device list is now totally empty and I am unable to get it to show any devices (even with a "drag down" refresh).

Side note related to another comment: before clearing the storage, the rooms and devices showed up, but NOT in any sensible (alphabetical) order.

That is a known issue, HE is still looking into the alpha sorting (or lack thereof).

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