Devices sometimes unreachable by Dashboard, but always works from Hub

Hey guys,

I'm having trouble finding an explanation for my problem:

There's a few devices that won't always respond to my Dashboard command (Ikea Tradfri Outlet, On/Off toggle). I click the tile, an hourglass appears and seems to be stuck there.

It doesn't matter if I use my phone Dashboard or the one on my PC.

Those devices are the most farthest away from the hub, so I thought maybe it couldn't reach them properly. All my other, nearer devices work flawlessly from my dashboards.

Yet, if I go to to my "Devices" tab on my Hub page, and manually click the "On/Off" Button of said devices, it always works!

How could that be?


Are you confident that the tile is setup correctly (correct device and correct device template)?

Any chance that you removed and re-paired the device since you setup the dashboard, causing the device to become disconnected? Have you confirmed that the dashboard app has permission to use that device?

If you refresh the browser window, does that resolve the issue?

Thanks for your answer.

Where can I find out if the dashboard app has permission?
I have not re-paired them since the first time.

But why would they work 70% of the time and sometimes not?

I used the "Outlet" template, since they are both outlets.
Is there another template that could work as well?

are you using the cloud or local dashboard? The reason I am asking is because most likely you are controlling the Outlet in the device page with locally and the dashboard from cloud. Possible you have cloud connection issue? I believe the HE apps switches local or cloud depending on your connection and Geo location... I could be wrong on this one since I haven't really used the HE app for a while.
You can try the "switch" template.

Thanks for your answer.
I am using everything locally within my Network, with the local dashboard links.
I will try the switch template and see if it works.

Small update:

Dashboard template for IKEA Tradfri Outlets works better when using "switch" template instead of "outlet".

Thanks again for your help guys

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