Devices Section of Mobile App


Devices Section gets this error on the beta:

I'm using Android 13 (beta) on S22 Ultra. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app with the same results.

Mobile App is on version 1.6.8 build 128.

That's loads fine for me. Also an Android user. I have all my devices assigned to rooms in HE; do you have any set to rooms?

Mine also loads fine on .110, Android, S21.

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I am also getting this message, on .110 but I didn't test on .109

This is will be fixed on the next beta release of the mobile app to match the beta release of the hub.


Android 1.6.9 (Build 132) is now live on the Play Store for beta users, this fixes the issue on devices tab.


Thank you, just installed. Devices tab appears correctly now.

I'm still only seeing 1.6.8 available on the play store. Using Pixel 6 Pro.

Did you enable beta on this app in the play store?

That was it. Didn't know we were supposed to do that

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