Devices not working. Redo the migration?

I just migrated from C-7 to C-8pro. My Zigbee and Z-wave devices are not working at all, though I did check off those Migrate Radio options during the migration. Is there something I can do to fix this?

I realized as well that the firmware version on my old hub was older than the one on the new hub. Maybe that's part of the problem? Can I update the firmware on the old hub and re-do the migration, or is that option done?

ETA: I guess I'm asking if I can start over and actually follow all the steps in the migration document instead of just following the wizard.

Okay, all appears to be fine now. I loaded up my old hub and updated the firmware. Then soft rebooted the new hub and did a new migration. Once it was all done, my Zigbee devices were still not working properly, so I rebooted the radio. That seems to have done the trick!

UPDATE: Spoke too soon... Looks like issues again. The devices stopped working again. I looked at the logs and saw an error in a WebCore piston, so I tried to load the WebCore interface. When I click on the link to WebCore in the app list, the page just goes to a loading screen, "Please wait, loading app webCoRE ..."

UPDATE 2: After much finagling, I think I have it all done. Found this post that helped me a bit. Webcore failure after C8 Pro migration - #6 by thebearmay