Devices not showing correct status

It seems since the newest update my devices are not showing the correct status, not refreshing. I have a zooz zwave plug the shows power. It was working fine, now the power seems to change over time. Also I turn on a devices using a button (and sometimes when a rule runs). The device turns on but the device shows the device off, I have to hit refresh. Any ideas on a fix.
Thanks in advance for your help.

More so to help others help you.... I expect it would be useful to mention what platform version you are running (newest doesn't stay newest for too long :wink:) and for your devices what driver you are using in HE. You may also want to post some screenshots to help illustrate what you are seeing, including any rules you were referring to.

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Without thinking I already refreshed the devices. So they now show correctly.

I have these 2 pictures. One time power high next time low.

So your saying that even though the power dropped below 28 the rule did not fire?

The platform version and the driver for the device may still be important.

What happens now is sometimes it will not fire. The light stays on. Other times the light goes off and later turns back on. The device driver has not changed. Light was out last night and on again late last night.
As far as the buttons and status goes. I have a ZigBee bulb in an outdoor pole light. Some time the rule doesn't fire. I have to turn off a non smart wall switch, turn off the bulb on the device page, turn it on and then turn on the wall switch. This happen again last night.
I have a moes 4 button switch. Press the button, lamp goes on but device page shows off. I have to refresh.

I'm not going to claim to be anything close to a qualified electrician, but the voltage and amperage are not the same as the power reading, from my understanding. You are interested in events referring to "power".

I still think it is important to know a few key details:

What HE platform are you running?
What driver is being used for the outlet?

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Zwave and zooz power switch. Yes, looks at power rating.

What platform version are you using?

Not sure what you mean by platform

So something like 2.3.3.x etc. If you go into the setting page and Hub Details (from memory) you should see it there.

Platform Version

Ok. If you open the device that is used to trigger the rule and click the Events button at the top, do you see events for changes in the "power" reading when you would expect to see them?

It seems the power is jumping.
PL 00
PL 42.5 here's a sample

You know I have an extra zooz plug. Maybe I'll add it to my homeseer hub and see what happens.

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Sounds like a good test. Sorry, should have mentioned I was about to drop out of the conversation, rather than just going quiet like that. See how the additional testing goes and we can take another look.

I excluded/included both devices. Seems to be working now. We'll see how the day goes.

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