Devices not showing any command tabs and rules not firing

This morning I noticed no rules were firing, I went into the hub and noticed on every device I no longer have any command tabs! (the on and off tabs for example on a light switch) I rebooted and still every device shows the same thing. This is really weird:

If anyone has seen this strange behavior with your devices and has a solution, please let me know!

What driver is used for that device (and other devices showing the same thing)?

I would recommend contacting support. Tagging @bobbyD.

If all your devices are doing this, you could consider doing a Soft Reset, but I would wait till you heard from support.

Also - what platform version?

If it is then update to

It is every single device on my hub. 30+ devices. Drivers range from the standard GE light switch drivers to custom drivers for the Zooz in line plug energy meter. I will contact Support by email right now.

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THis could be database corruption - what do the logs show?

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I am on I will update right now to .128...

The logs for devices like my weather station are updating data. No errors in the logs that I can see. It is just items with on/off capability that have no commands or in the case of my attic fan that I just checked out some commands but no on/off:

No - 127 had a bug in it. Leave it at 121 for now until this issue is resolved.

I would suggest doing a soft reset and restore using a database backup from when your Hubitat was not doing this.

Oh shxx. it is extracting the update, and now applying update as I am writing this. Not sure if I can stop this or not . Dont think I can. I will try the soft reset using a database backup as soon as the hub finishes updating.

.128 is the latest available. .127 was withdrawn so I'm not sure you can update to it. :crossed_fingers:


Just checked the hub after updating to .128. Now devices with on/off capability are now showing the correct command tabs. Examples from the two I gave earlier:

And this is the Bathroom light and motion device from earlier now showing all the correct command tabs:

THAT WAS REALLY WEIRD. Thank you @aaiyar and @bobbles for jumping in on this.


Nothing wrong in doing the update.


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Any time you have odd events like missing data or missing devices, it's always good to start with a Soft Reset and restore: