Devices not responding until I press configure

Hi Ive started testing hubitat before the big switch from ST.
Im seeing a few devices with this error and I have to press the configure button on each device to get them back on line.

Is there a reason for this ?
How can I fix it ?
Is there a way to run the config option on all devices on a schedule if this is a common issue ?


Is it a particular type of device your having trouble with? Do the device happen to be further away? I know I had some "update" issues before I finished building out my meshes. Seem they were getting the command but the response did not make it back unless I did a separate "refresh"

This is not a normal/common issue (long term, but something to resolve, not work around IMO)


I've also seen reports that you may have to do this once for the device, particularly if it paired with the wrong driver and you manually changed it to "Ikea TRADFRI Control Outlet" after pairing (which you should try if you're using Generic Zigbee Outlet or another driver). It is typical to need to do this once after changing drivers, especially for Zigbee devices (but also a good idea for Z-Wave unless you know or have been told not to--or for pretty much anything that has it).

If you have to keep doing it, that's a different story and I don't have an answer other than that I agree with the above. :slight_smile:


That is where I saw similar issues too. Devices not in range for various reasons. More line powered (hard wired) devices and/or repeaters almost always help.

I don't know the magic number, but if you have fewer than probably 15 line powered or repeating devices, than I would even more strongly suspect mesh issues.

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Its might be same with me. Only have 10 devices out of 70 or 80 I have migrated.

Will keep an eye on it.

Oh for sure, you need to move more stuff. Concentrate on the wired stuff first, and then the sensors and battery powered stuff.

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Also, do you have any Zigbee smart bulbs? If so, they could be wreaking havoc on your mesh, as many are not good repeaters (known offenders include GE Link, Cree, Hue, and at least early Osram/Sylvania, but there are likely more).

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Also, here's a good guide to help you build out a strong mesh.

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I've had this recently with Ikea Tradfri Outlets only. I don't know if something has changed with either Ikea's firmware or the driver. I added 3 units a few weeks back and they all picked the correct driver but all needed configure hitting before they would turn on and off. I have many Tradfri outlets in my system and this didn't happen previously.

Geoff thats what I have too.
That would be a big problem as I have lots of them too that worked 100% on ST.

Did you have to repeatedly have to press configure or was it only the once ?

If the once have you had to do any after hub updates ?

I've only ever had to do it once after first install of the device and it only ever needed a single button press. I've updated the hub since and that didn't cause any issues.

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