Devices not populating in Maker API

Just started in a new house with a new C7. Adding a bunch of devices, all of which seemed to appear in Maker API when I first started it. Connected to Android dashboard and they all worked.

Then I upgraded to the latest release of Hubitat, added some more devices and none of the new ones were there. Clicked on the links to update the devices, but it just opened a new tab with the old list.

Perplexed, I deleted the Maker API app, hoping to get a fresh start. Now I can't see any devices there at all.

I'm assuming the update to the new release of Hubitat may have had something to do with it. Any ideas on how to get the list re-populated?

Need some more information...

Do you mean adding them in the "Select devices" dropdown?

What links exactly?

In the "Select devices" dropdown?

I added them in the devices section, and they are working, and appear fine there. They just aren't showing up in the Select Device dropdown in the Maker API app.

The links I clicked on in the Maker API app were the Local URLs, "Get Devices". I assumed this would repopulate the list, but it hasn't seemed to.

This is weird, a new device immediately shows for me in the Maker API's select devices dropdown.
Can you PM me your hub's id? I'll take a look at the engineering logs.
In the meantime, please try rebooting the hub. Not sure if that will make a difference, but it's worth a shot.

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