Devices not in WIFI range

I have a problem with some device locations not accessible by WIFI. I have been migrating from X10 to devices supported by Hubitat. Several exterior loads (Transformers, Pumps) are in locations that the WIFI signal cant reach. These loads worked with my X10 switches. So I either have to continue using some X10 gear or abandon the Hubitat Platform and opt in for the newer poewer line/RF Insteon technology. So I am looking for ideas on how to solve this problem

Zwave or zigbee repeaters would not do the trick?

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I do not know who you use for a wifi router nor your equipment ranges; but given it is a standard router, there are several possible solutions:

  1. relocate the router (not always easy).
  2. procure a wifi range extender and place it between the long-range devices and the router (as far from router and still receive signal) (See below for US (Amazon) example, not an endorsement of any sort.)
  3. replace your router with a mesh router system (most expensive option),

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It’s unclear from your post whether the remote devices are WiFi only, or whether they also support Ethernet connections. If they support Ethernet and there is a common AC mains power circuit with the Hubitat building, you could try one of these Ethernet over power line adapters:

TP-Link AV600 Powerline Ethernet Adapter - Plug&Play, Power Saving, Nano Powerline Adapter, Expand Home Network with Stable Connections (TL-PA4010 KIT)

If the remote devices are WiFi only, then TP-Link has a WiFi adapter that can be used at the remote end, see the same Amazon page.


If you do go the route of a powerline ethernet adapter, be sure you've eliminated all your X10 gear. I can't imagine that the two would get along very well.

But backing up .. you said you are migrating from X10 to devices supported by Hubitat. While many wifi devices can be made to work with Hubitat, did you not consider the more obvious choices of ZWave+ and Zigbee? I've got a $5 Zigbee motion detector about 100' from its closest neighbor and it works fine.

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OK so let me start off this way. All my new devices are WIFI. (Tasmota).
Havent messed with zigby or zwave but probably will have to.
The X10 stuff works OK but I wanted to migrate to a newer technology where I can integrate
Everything I can dream of.
An I figured I would get flamed over this post.
1 - Transformers, Pump etc the device has to be outside usually in a metal case or MDP ( Faraday Cage) so forget any luck with WIFI or Zigby or Zwave.
2 - All of my old X10 stuff was embedded in the cases of the transformer or panel board. (Metal Boxes)
3 - router placement. I go 2 in a 3200 SQFT house.
4 - Ethernet over power, didn't think of it. But Now its 2 devices the switch, and the EOP adapter all in an outdoor enclosure.
I just figured someone figured this out.
X10 was real simple. Controller, switches, no routers no repeaters all you had to deal with is noise on the power lines. And that only started cropping up about 20 years ago when wall worts and cheap unfiltered power supplys started showing up on every electrical device made.
I don't want to have gear all over the place just to turn on and off a pump or other external device.
I was lucky enough to get a Sonoff 4 Chan Pro with RF to work in my back yard. And it came out to be a nice package. 2 devices replacing 4.
But I think I am going to have to look a partial X10 and be done with it. They are non essential loads.
I definitely will look into the EOP devices.
And I am not putting in any more routers. ( The 2 all running DDWRT)

Nope, we feel your pain. Just trying to help.

I used to run a bunch of x10 stuff. What platform are you using to control it? I was able to successfully use heyu and the maker API to get some devices working while doing my transfer. This might make the transition easier while you figure out the rest of this transition.

You could try using Node-Red to get your X-10 devices with Hubitat.

No flaming intended. I don't think anyone means it that way. I think we now better understand what you are up against where you really didn't set those parameters quite so clear in the beginning.

You have a very unique situation, and there might not be a good answer for this, or maybe not the one you want to hear. Without some type of wireless signal, either due to the Faraday effect or distance issues, it is going to be much tougher to make a device like Hubitat that utilizes wireless protocols like Zwave, Zigbee, and (indirectly) Wifi work without wireless.

I am not sure I have a solution for you, but this will take a lot more thought than a more typical user like me, in a house approximately half the size of yours, and basically no outdoor/remote stuff to speak of.

Maybe wireless protocols won't work out of the box (no pun intended), but I would think there should be some way. That might involve infrastructure and hardware changes like going to plastic enclosures instead of metal, or finding a way to add an external antenna to a device.

I personally hate the Wifi stuff, but maybe that is the best for you as you can then have a few Wifi Access Points scattered about along with some hardware mods as noted above. Maybe something similar could be done with Zigbee or Zwave though using their repeaters, and again modifying antenna.


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