Devices not compatible with Google Home

I'm using a Shelly relay in Hubitat, and yesterday I tried to make it available to Google Home through the built-in app. At the top of the Google Home app in Hubitat it says, " If you include a device that isn't compatible with Google Home it will just be ignored and not sent to Google Home". That's what happens with the Shelly relay, I add it and it just doesn't stay.
What determines whether a device will be compatible with Google Home? This is the first time this has happened, and I have dozens of devices in Hubitat that I can control through Google Home.

Create a virtual switch on hubitat attached to the shelley then expose the virtual switch to hubitat. In a more direct answer to your question the device has to be exposed with a particular class set. If it's not there google or alexa will ignore it even if Hubitat works fine with it (so expose it with a virtual switch instead)

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