Devices missing from Logs

Hey guys,

I went outside this afternoon and saw all of my Sylvania floodlights were on. I opened Hubitat and went to my logs to see what had commanded them to turn on (I know they were off when I went to bed the night before). When I went to Hubitat on my browser I navigated to Logs and for some reason none of my 6 Sylvania floods was listed under my devices in Logs. They are active and present under Devices but not Logs. I can't find any info regarding them under the Logs page.

Anyone run into this before/any information on how to find this info? Thanks!!

Do you have logging turned on for these devices and/or their automation rules? Most devices and apps don't log unless you tell them to.

What you are probably looking for is Events and not Logs. Events can be found in the device's settings page, top left corner. That will have a list of what the device did, and what commanded it to do so.


Ahhh yes that's what I was looking for. Thank you!!