Devices in groups not refreshing

How can I force the Groups app to refresh devices? I have added a color bulb in a lamp and I cannot get it to show in color bulbs under the group that I want to add it to. When I click on the "Select bulbs for group" the "Dining Room Lamp" (which is the device that has the color bulb) does not show in the drop down list. I have rebooted the hub and tried several things but it will not refresh the device list. I added the lamp last night and it still does not refresh.

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Mine shows a refresh button. Are you on latest version?

There is no refresh button on mine. I have the latest version.

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version

Is this a very old group? You may have to create a new group and update it.

If you go to the Apps page and check under the Type for that group, does it come up as Group-2.1? That layout looks like an older version of groups. I would recreate seeing if that doesn't fix things.

Looks like it is a 2.0 Group. I guess I'll have to rebuild it on 2.1. Thanks