Devices falling off after hub upgrade

I want to share an observation on hub firmware upgrades. I notice when I run the hub a long time between updates, my zigbee devices perform without any issues. No missed commands, no device drop offs. I just updated to a few days ago and now I have zigbee devices dropping off and sometimes missing events. All the zigbee devices I have problems with are battery operated. It isn't a big deal as all I do is pop the battery and they come back. Then a day or two later they drop again. The odd thing is, it only happens to one or two devices out of dozens. This time its a door sensor, other times its a motion sensor, and so on. Its not any particular brand, or location were its installed.

I don't understand how upgrading could cause these issues? Obviously the mesh is well established as I can go months with zero problems. Of course this isn't anything new. Its been this way as long as I've had Hubitat. Fortunately for me these devices are easy to access.

What do your logs say (including hub and location events) Anything being overly chatty? You can try shutting down and removing power to the hub for 25 mins and then powering back up. This will throw all your Zigbee devices into panic mode and they'll re establish themselves.

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More detail on some of the devices involved and the drivers being used in HE may be of some use as well....

My setup has two C8 hubs. One is dedicated to 14 zigbee devices and 0 zwave. It purposely has no repeaters. All of these devices consist of contact sensors and motion sensors. Distance between the devices and hub are no more than 30 foot with most being closer. Zigbee radio is on ch15 with power set to 12.

My other hub has many more devices, both zigbee and zwave. There are at least 10 zigbee repeaters and that radio is on ch20 and power set to 8.

Drop offs can happen on either hub but to one I can dealing with is on the first one.

There are no indications in the logs that suggest anything is amiss. I have no issues with the zigbee radios going offline or any indication the hub is overloaded.

I guess my point being is I can run months on end with no issue and when I go to update the hub, sometimes these problems pop up. Nothing terrible, just inconvenience. I can understand having quirks popping up just after rebooting from an upgrade but having the same issues repeating days later is more annoying. Eventually the drop offs stop after several days and I go on without any problems until the next hub update.

It seems whenever there is a hub update, several threads pop up with the same problems of devices falling off. For them sometimes its a few devices like I experience, whereas others suffer from a total meltdown.

I am not looking to go into a full diagnosis as I have spent countless hours over the past few years combing through everything multiple times. I can appreciate the difficulty support goes through as no two setups are alike, but I would hope they could step back and take an overview of just what happens during an update that could affect a mesh, that otherwise runs perfect prior to it.