Devices disconnecting (different devices)

Need help troubleshooting

For a few weeks I'm having a strange behave on my hubitat C4. Occasional a random device will drop of (apparently). At first (as I have only ZigBee and Lan devices) I thought that was an issue with that device falling of the network, changed batteries (end up changing all batteries from all devices). Restarted the router and all would work fine. A few days later another device would drop (not necessarily the same device). Repair, restart router and the same thing, would happen ok for a few days.
Fed up when a new device dropped again and on a rush when this happen I went on and just restarted the router and decided that I would troubleshoot when I was back home. To my surprise when I come back everything was working without repairing the devices. (Odd at least).
Since than it happened a few times.

Logs don't show any errors. Just that a device stop reporting events.

How can I troubleshoot this? The strange thing is that this has been happening for a few weeks now. My mesh was rock solid until 2.08.1xx than since than I'm having this issue.

Last night all humidity sensors dropped.

Are you rebooting your WiFi Router? Or are you rebooting your Hubitat Elevation Hub?

I am a little confused as you don't clearly indicate whether the issue is only with Zigbee devices, or with LAN devices as well.

Also, are these Xiaomi Zigbee devices? If so, you already know what the answer is going to be! :wink:

I'm assuming you are talking about your wifi router (because the hubitat is not a router). If this is the case, then you likely have your wifi on the same frequency as your zigbee network and that is causing interference. You need to adjust your wifi and zigbee channels so that they aren't on the same frequency.

I meant that i have restarted both.
I always use the bill gates method restart everything or also know as Ctrl + alt+ Del (Younger generations might not understand :joy::rofl::crazy_face:).

Different networks. As my wifi devices are all 5Ghz i even disabled a while back 2.4ghz. So not the case.

The only other 2.4ghz is hue. And they are in a different channel.

But are they Xiaaomi devices? :slight_smile: I assume you are talking about Zigbee devices, though you never said what types of devices you mean.

99% of the zigbee devices are xiaomi. But they are not the only ones dropping.

Besides its not a matter of them just dropping.
If you read my post careful i explained why this is not your normal drop. Sometimes all i need is to restart the hub and the logged events from the apparent dropped devices are populated on the event table of specific dropped device.

Additionally sometimes that device needs to be rapaired after the reboot of the hub, others it just start working on his own.

My best guess at the moment is that for some reason the hub is caching the events at the entry point of hub, but that makes no sense at all for a simple reason. If the hub is acknowledging those events and doing nothing with them would be because something would be breaking the code logic, however if thats the case why is not a constant breaking? Whu does it works for a large couple days and than the cycle repeats itself?
So this make my assumption flawed.

Also to note the mesh, number of devices, rules, etc has not changed for large weeks. So there is no new code addition (besides the firmware updates). To note as well that this exact setup was working flawless for months.

So im a standstill. I had avoided posting here as it seems that in this forum there is a holy magical solution that is to blame Xiaomi devices for everything. For me that is plain BS. I understand that they are not behaving within the expected standard behaviour but that does not make them the culprit of everything.
For me that is like you saying that all tattoed persons are criminals just because they are different and have tattoes and do not comform with the norm of not having tattoes.

I don't have any issues with my "devices".

My recommendation is do a backup, soft reset the hub, restore the backup, maybe that resolve something.

Talking like that will probably not attract that much help from anyone.

I ended up removing all Xiaomi devices from my network. They are all sitting in a drawer somewhere unused (I did this all before even switching to Hubitat). Xiaomi truly are crap and caused me nothing but trouble.

Like what? I haven't offended anyone. I just mentioned a true fact the Xiaomi devices are always a escape goat. In my particular case how can this be a Xiaomi fault?! It's the hub that's bogging down and not processing the events.
You don't like the Xiaomi devices don't use it, simple.

I know this is not Xiaomi specific. But as I fear "Xiaomi is crap, remove them" rant started straight away.
I was avoiding reset the hub to factory default as I will loose, all devices paired and will need to repair, redo all rules and automations, it makes me loose the will to do it.

A Soft Reset does not cause any Zigbee or z-wave devices to lose their pairing with their respective radios. It is more of a Database Reset, which you can then simply restore from a backup taken just prior to the reset. No automations are lost.

Iโ€™m not certain what improvements a soft reset results in... others have reported it helps sometimes.

You misspelled "known to cause issues on Hubitat"


Will try that next time they go nuts again.

Just donโ€™t do a Full/Hard Reset as that resets the radios too.

Did you ever find a solution here?

I have Xiaomi Aqara motion and door sensors, all are rock solid connections.
Samsung SmartThings devices are the ones that are constantly dropping off my hub.

Which generation? And which zigbee channel are you using?

Iโ€™m using the latest gen of the Samsung Motion and Samsung Mutlisensor (door, vibration, temp etc).

The hub is currently running on channel 20.

The first generation didn't like high zigbee channels. But that clearly isn't an issue here ....

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