Devices disappear from dashboards

I'm starting to build my dashboards now. At first I thought I was loosing my mind, but now I realize I randomly lose devices from some dashboards.

I have one with all contact sensors on it. This morning one of my door vanished from the dashboard. I was able to re-add it and it's there now. Didn't have to re-authorize or anything. Just re-add.

What is causing this, and has anyone seen it?

Are these zigbee or z-wave? If zigbee, do you have any bulbs in the mesh?

Zigbee. Yes there's a collection of plugs and bulbs in the mesh too.

But the sensor doesn't seem to drop off. If it does, it reconnects on its own. (It never seems to stop reporting temp/battery status.

I ask because bulbs make really bad repeaters and mess up your mesh. If they are ZLL zigbee bulbs those are likely the culprit. If they're ZHA then I would look to add a mains repeater to the mesh. The best practice for SLL protocol bulbs is to either not use them or use them on their own hub (such as another HE or a HUE bridge)

I've heard that before. Also certain brands were known to cause mesh issues. Is it possible to tell which is which from within Hubitat?

Really if they're not sengled or innoveli then they are likely zll not ZHA. Remove them from your mesh and you will stop having issues.

Even though the devices I lose from my dashboard never actually drop off or stop responding?

Knock on wood, I haven't lost any other devices from the dashboard after posting this.

Is the icon actually disappearing? Or is it turning gray and has a question mark instead of whatever it should be? Are these devices all local to the hub (not connected, from another hub)?

The couple times I've had this happen the actual tile disappears,

Just mostly trying to figure out of I'm losing my mind, or something self inflicted when I was building them. :slight_smile: