Devices Button Lags

Along the bottom row of buttons within the iOS app, there are the following (Dashboard, Geofence, Devices, Tools, Settings).

I would like to just use the 'Devices' button, but I"m getting infrequent success. Items that are on or off are showing the opposite in the app. My normal workaround is 'Tools->Find Hubs/Connect to Hub->Devices'. I have to go with this if I do something outside my schedules, or just confirm if my automatons are working.

Anyone else have this problem?


Is background app refresh set to on?

In IOS settings, it is for Hubitat.

Hmm, not sure then. Mine seem to update there but honestly I don't use it. I have some simple dashboards to monitor things and it definitely updates there, but I don't monitor light status or most because I don't want to remote control anything. Everything runs on automations for me. Perhaps others can chime in here.

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