Device watchdog type app / alternatives

I've been using BPTworlds Device Watchdog for a long time, but I just noticed I have a ton of sensors offline that watchdog isn't alerting me to.

My guess is it has something to do with how the last activity at stuff changed some months ago but I didn't notice.

What other similar apps or tools are folks using to get alerted to devices falling off the network?

Something weird too I just noticed.. A couple of my devices that seem to be offline, I'm seeing zigbee logs for, where they're still reporting rssi.

Example, here's a motion sensor that hasn't posted any events in days. But I'm seeing it active in zigbee logging.

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Try this. It works well and the developer is very active.



I initially used Device Monitor (which came from ST) and tried DW and DAC. DAC is what I've stuck with.


I am using Device Activity Checker as well to monitor zigbee battery devices. I like how you can make groups with different timeouts based on the typical reporting frequency of different sensors.