Device Watchdog HPM errors

Does anyone have any idea why the Device Watchdog app is generating errors in HPM when checking for updates? Looks like it's been removed from HPM?


That author pulled all his apps from HPM it seems like a year ago now.
He moved them all over to his own Bundle Manager app.
Then he deiced to take a break from coding so I think all his apps are as-is now.

You will need to go into the HPM settings and use the UnMatch feature to make HPM forget about it.

I would then suggest just updating to the most recent code manually by installing the latest bundle:

I think the bundle should overwrite the existing code and update it.

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Thanks very much for the help, and please excuse my ignorance, but I can't see an unmatch feature in the HPM settings? Any idea's where it is hiding?

In Settings, make sure your HPM is also updated, v1.9.0 is most current.

Very bottom of Package Manager Settings section


Perfect, thanks very much, HPM was stuck on v1.8.3 and hadn't updated itself unfortunately, but all resolved now. Thanks again

When trying to save the app code, there was a reference to a library that was not found. Is there some other BPTWorld code that needs to be installed as a prerequisite?

library not found on line 45: #include BPTWorld.bpt-normalStuff

Yeah I guess you have a way old version before he added the library. Import this first.

Hopefully it does not blow up all your settings.

This is a similar app I used but if you already have watchdog setup it may be easier to just stick with it: [RELEASE] Device Activity Check - Get notifications for "inactive" devices


Thanks for that. I wasn't able to add the library as an app:
×Unknown exception occured while saving app code.

But no point in pursuing further. I probably will still with the version I have or switch to something else.

You dont add it as an app, it is a bundle, you add it in bundles.
Go to the Bundles page on the hub and use Import ZIP button:

Then import the App in the same way using the bundle zip.

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Ah, again thanks. Never did a bundle before. Turns out, though, that I had apparently switched to Device Activity Check some time ago and just never removed DeviceWatchdog. Gone now.