Device value info on the devices list?

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just an idea: is it possible to add the present value of the device when you see the devices list ?

It could be a practical info to see directly if the values are in our "mind" range (aka as expected) when reviewing them.

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Then issue becomes one of which value to display.

The right one, obviously. :thinking:

EDIT: I was joking, in case that wasn't clear. I agree with @JasonJoel's post below mine.

None of them. Make the list load faster, not slower. :slight_smile:

On a non-smart arse note, it would be kind of interesting if there were a way to see a summary of all current values somewhere. Not the main devices list, but somewhere.


yes of course. but for temperature, switches, contacts, the most obvious could be displayed. And a click of the device itself will display all the parameters, if needed. Just to see a entire panel in a quick.

But what @JasonJoel said, a full summary somewhere could be useful too, like a super dashboard (just a simple html page that can be printed, no need to have fancy things)

You can kind of do it today in maker api (can do a devices/all and get every attribute and value on every device in Maker API with one command as a huge old json response). It is slow (sometimes 30+ seconds), but if it were a dedicated page that displayed results like that (without having to configure Maker API) in a readable format it may be useful.

But for example I have a contact that also detects temperature... so which one to show? This would require something like ST had where you declare a β€œmain” tile. But nothing like that exists today.