Device Updater App - Not finding firmware?

@bcopeland I'm trying to use the Device Updater App to do an OTA update for the Aeotec Range Extender 7's newest version 1.04 firmware from their support site. I downloaded the firmware, uploaded it into my C7 hub through the app, but when choose the device and go to choose the firmeware, I only see the previous version and not the latest version available. Am I missing something?


Is the issue that you expect to see the new firmware under « Firmware Target »? (Circled below)

That screen shows you where the firmware will be saved and the version currently in there. Once you select it, are you not seeing the next screen that will allow you to select the firmware file to upload?

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Let me try, I was expecting to see the 1.04 firmware to select. Haven't done this in awhile.

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Ok, that worked... confused me a bit with the flow. But it's updating now. Thanks!