Device to detect an appliance light/LED turning on?

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a device that will trigger when a light on an appliance comes on? My example here is a dehumidifier, when it needs to be emptied a little red LED turns on. I'm looking to convert that into an automation/alert in HE.


There is this:

Personally, I'd connect the float switch in the dehumidifier to a contact sensor, and get notified when the contact closes.


It could be a bit tricky but I will use optocoupler. Input (LED side) should be connected in series
with this Red LED (or in parallel but with a resistor) and Output (photo-transistor) connected
to the whatever contact sensor instead (or even in parallel) with reed switch (or Hall Sensor).

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Probably not a solution for you, but my dehumidifier has the ability to bypass the bucket and attach a hose to the output. Then I place it on a counter that can drain into a sink.

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Thanks for the ideas everyone :slight_smile:

Don't forget a leak detector on the floor around it. And having the dehumidifier in a pan with a leak detector is a good 'belt & braces' idea. I live in a high-humidity area dehumidifier and/or condensate drains are a top-o-the-list problem for most of the year.