Device tags

I know it's been mentioned before, but adding a "tags" field would be hugely beneficial in writing rules, etc. rather than having to individually select every device and maintain multiple rules when a device is added. Multiple tags could be assigned per device to describe their function, room, type, etc. and be able to write a rule to "turn on living room lights" knowing the devices needing to match are in "living room" and are "lights."

Curious if this is or has been considered?

My two cents!


I keep thinking it would be great to have an 'add attribute' command mandatory or implemented at the system level for every device so that we can include extra 'custom' information associated with each device.

For me personally being able to add things like an MQTT topic for state and another one for command would be the most useful, obviating the need for me to create and maintain virtual device drivers. It would be so much tidier and more intuitive.