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Hi, I guess this is a request as well as a question @bravenel

I have many rules which incorporate the same device. So if I want to swap a device (a faulty motion sensor with lux in this case) I need to remove the old device and re-add the new device into each rule which is somewhat tedious. Can a way be developed whereby a device can be easily deleted and replaced globally, thus updating each rule without actually amending each rule.

Alternatively folks, is there an easy way of doing this which I'm missing. Cheers guys

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What you could do is leave your old device in place.
Pair your new device.
Clone the rules that the old device is defined in.
During cloning replace the old device for the new one.
Make sure new cloned rule is OK.
Delete old rule.
Delete old device.

A bit tedious if the device is in lots of rules but it is a way round the issue.


If the devices are both Z-Wave and the original device is truly failed, then a Z-Wave Replace will probably do it (accessible from Settings > Z-Wave Details, but again, the node has to be failed first--which a "Refesh" will check and likely mark it as such after one or two tries if it isn't already). I've had mixed luck with this suceeding, personally, but some report better luck. If you're on a C-5 or earlier, this isn't an option, but on any model hub you could also do this with a secondary controller should you have/want one.

For Zigbee, you might be able to do it by swapping the Zigbee ID and Device Network ID (the old device to match the new), but I've never tried that, and it's definitely not "official" and may not work.

Otherwise, the typical advice is as above: swap it out in all apps, then remove the "old" device.

That being said, I think staff teased the idea of considering some hub-wide "device replace" feature in another thread not too long ago. I'm not sure if they ever got as far as serious consideration, and there was certainly no timeline, but that was the most hopeful I ever recall feeling about this feature. :slight_smile: I think it would be helpful for cases like these--which admittedly aren't day-to-day occurrences for most people but still would make an already-frustrating situation less frustrating when it does happen.

I use a process that is successful, but still tedious...

Let's say I have a switch Family Room which has failed:

  • Rename Family Room to FR
  • Add new device called Family Room
  • Open device page for FR, scroll to the bottom, and show which rules/apps are using it
  • Replace FR for Family Room (two letters makes it easy to spot) in each instance
  • Delete FR when no more dependencies
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This is what I do! I replace device option would be good though.

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Cheers for this. Sounds like the best workaround possible. Not quite a solution but not too far off๐Ÿ‘

Ya some option to say replace sensor/switch/light A with sensor/switch/light B would be dynamite! What a time saver when needing to replace or even upgrade to something new.

That is exactly what I do.

Although, I've done a DNI swap for a Z-wave device (based upon Migrating a Z-Wave Network).

I've always wondered/wished if that would work.

My sentiments entirely. We need to lobby support, ha ha

We will look at this for future feature. It comes up a lot. There's a lot to it ...


It does work. But it is fairly convoluted because you can't have two of the same ID simultaneously. You end up having to copy the old ID, change the old ID to something not in use (watch out!), and save. Then you can paste the old ID into the new device and save.

I have done this multiple times for Iris V1 contact sensors. There is some bug where when they fall of the network, and you can't rediscover them. The UI thinks (and says) that they are rediscovered but they don't work. So I have 1 spare where I play "round robin" to get them back into the system.


Release notes for 2.3.1 indicate that this is now a built-in feature.
@bravenel looking at the interface it's clear that this tool will swap devices in local apps. Will it also swap devices that are shared via hub mesh?

Yes, the device swap is effective with respect to Hub Mesh.


Hello Bruce,

Will this feature, to swap devices, works if I replace my C4 hubs for C7, restore a backup to them from the C4 and replace all devices one by one pairing them into the new C7 radios?

I want the new features of the new radios, I have some Ring sensors around and others, but I don't know how to migrate and start from scratch, if in the past I had many issues, now will be worse, my health condition is worse and I don't remember anything I did.

I know I should open a new thread about this, but maybe a yes or no for answer helps me to start buying new hubs.

Best regards


So when you restore a C4 backup to a C7, none of those devices would work. For Zigbee devices you can simply reset the device, put the hub into pairing, and it will reconnect the device to the ones you had on the C4. For Z-Wave, you'd have to pair the Z-Wave device as a new device, then swap it for the old device. That should work.


Excellent, thank you! I know is a long way but if works I want to try it.

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I can't think of a shorter way to do it. Worth a shot. You can try with one device or two and know right away if it will work as expected.


Yes, I know, the zigbee was easier but the zwave was the worst, but now with the new feature of swapping devices, I don't have to touch the rules, if I touch anything at this point it will stop working, I'm very happy because HE has been working perfectly the last 2 years, I don't have many fancy rules but I have more than 100 devices connected and I use HSM also. Thank you again for answering, I know the community has grown a lot, is not the same as I started almost 4 years ago that I almost had you exclusively for me haha. Take care Bruce. Best Regards.

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Let us know if it works as we hope. We could replace a well-worn topic on how to migrate Z-Wave devices.


Ok, I will, by the way, when the hubs will go down to $99 again? Lol I missed the special...