Device status not updating

The hub is not reporting the change in status of some of my devices on the UI, on different makes/models/device types (Jasco, Eaton or Leviton switches or smart plugs)

Example: a light switch automatically turns on (programmed scene) but the app still shows it as “off”.
Or I use Alexa or HomeAssistant to run the action, and no status update either. Not even when manually doing it.

I have to go to the device settings, and tap “refresh”, and only then the status will change.

Platform Version

Hardware Version
Rev C-7


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Hold old are these switches? If they are older they are likely z-wave and not z-wave plus so do report their status. To help with this install the built in app Z-Wave poller. This will poll the devices to get their status.

Please have a look at this post. It may help you in the future.

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Thanks @rlithgow1
These are not old; most of them run on 700-series Z-Wave chip, except the Leviton smart plug.
I’ll install the poller and see how it goes.

The poller won't Work on plus devices. That said what driver are you using with these? Can you also post a copy of your z-wave details page in its entirety?

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That could be indicative of a weak mesh or indirect issue affecting Z-Wave devices like hub being overloaded or in rare cases a hardware malfunction. If you confirmed based on logs that the hub is not under intense stress from device(s) or apps that are bogging down its resources, your Z-Wave mesh is healthy, then send me a private message and I can check your hub's engineering logs (assuming the hub is connected to the cloud) to see if you are dealing with a hardware malfunction.

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Now that you are up to date on the Z-Wave firmware and we cleared that there is no apparent issue with your hub, could you please share more details about specific devices you are having problems with, and also provide a screenshot of your Z-Wave Details table? Improving Z-Wave network's health should be the priority now.


I have the exact same problem, with devices showing wrong status in “Device status”
In this example The device shows as off but it’s in fact on as the power shows?

If you like to see my Z-wave details you can find them here (I have removed the non-active).
Z-wave details

Need a recent list. That i assume is old and riddled with ghosts.

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