Device status not updated when changed by rule

Like many here, I have a rule that triggers at sunrise and sunset. At sunset, various lights turn on, but the status never updates to ON. This makes the dashboard incorrect because the various switches and outlets are actually ON.

If I physically turn the device OFF then ON, the status updates to OFF or ON, respectively. If I use the dashboard to turn the device ON (even though it is really already ON), dashboard then reports that it is on. I can toggle it off and on from dashboard and the status follows correctly.

Any ideas on what's going on here?


What type (brand/model) of devices are having this issue?

When you say "the status never updates to ON", are you referring to the " Current States" on the device detail page or something else?

There are several different brands and models exhibiting this. One is a ZLink ZL-WS-100 in-wall switch. Another is a Leviton DZPD3 outlet switch.

I am referring to "Current States" on the device detail page that doesn't reflect the actual state.

From the looks of things, these are all Z Wave ( as opposed to Z Wave +) devices. Many of these devices do not report a physical state change. Old GE devices are famous for that.

Use the Poller (Polling?) app, but be aware that if you use it with many devices it'll bring your hub to its knees.

The ZLink ZL-WS-100 is Z-wave+. The weird thing is that the devices DO report correctly when a physical state change occurs. It's only when the state is changed by the app that the change is not reflected on the "device detail page".

(I'm not using Poller, but I am considering adding "REFRESH" statements to my Sunrise/Sunset apps.)

Polling devices is good for physical actuation when the device doesn't report back to the hub. Z-Wave Plus devices have instant reporting, so polling Z-Wave Plus devices is a band-aid to cover other issues that should be addressed head on. Polling/Refreshing Z-Wave Plus devices will only lead to more troubles down the road.

@tom22 I've never seen this problem before and would like to get more details. We will need the Logs for the app showing the actions as well as device logs, along with the exact driver type used. You can send me a PM or email us at

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I think I figured out what the problem was. The devices in question were assigned a type of "Generic Z-Wave Outlet" or "Generic Z-Wave Switch" when they were added. Since they are all Z-Wave Plus devices, I changed the type (on the device detail page) to "Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet" and "Generic Z-Wave Plus Switch", respectively, and now I am getting correct "current state" information and my dashboard is displaying correctly.

Thanks so much for your help. Your input steered me in the right direction.

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