Device status no longer updating Physical

I have several rules that have worked flawlessly until the recent couple .114-116 updates.

Basically, they are GE Wall switches using the generic Zwave driver

Switch 1 turns on and simple lighting rule turns on switch 2. Switch 1 turns off wait 2 minutes turn off switch 2

The thing I notice is when I look at the events for switch 1 it is not picking up the physical interaction of someone turning on switch 1 anymore. As stated it worked fine until .114 firmware update.

Are your GE light switches Z-Wave, or are they the newer Z-Wave Plus models? The older models are notorious for not sending physical status changes. There are numerous threads specific to those switches and dimmers.

Have you added/removed any Z-Wave devices from your network recently? If so, have you performed a Z-Wave Repair?

thanks for the reply. They are the older switches but have worked flawlessly for me until the latest updates.

Had a similar problem with a Zwave switch a long time ago, what worked for me was turned of the breaker reading the switch waited a minute and turned the breaker back on.

does the Z-Wave poller app work? I have installed it and do not see it polling in the logs even with the logging switch on

The Poller app works (at least for me), but it will have no effect on your switches reporting physical or not...

At a guess, your routing tables updated with the new firmware [this is just a wild guess really] Maybe start by running a repair & take it from there.

I was in the same boat as you, sometimes working, sometimes not and eventually just gave up. I now use a combo approach, where if any of my older GE switches are turned on and off via a rule, a companion virtual switch is also turned on and off. I then check for the status of the virtual switch to determine if it was physically or programmatically switched on, and take actions based on that. In other words, if the virtual is off & the actual switch on, it was turned on physically. Works 99% of the time; there is the extremely rare out of sync case, but I have solved that as well by having a separate Rule to always reset the virtual to off if the actual switch is off.

thank you. ? for you would the poll not update if the switch is off or on? I dont care if it show physical off/on just the correct state.

Like I said, the Poller works. But it is ONLY as good as the polling internal for manual/physical on/off events. Doing things progammatically via Hubitat is never an issue for instant status.

Not so with physical events. Assuming you have a 5 minute refresh period, it can be as quick as 1s, or as long as 4m59s. It all depends on when the physical event occurred vs the scan cycle before the Hub updates.

The above is assuming that your Hub is NOT getting appropriate updates from the switch.