Device Status missing on the Devices page

According to the documentation here:
The Devices page is supposed to show status: "The Devices page gives you a complete list of all of the devices in your system. Check Type, Source, Device ID, Status and Last Activity"
I have no status column and cannot see a way to add it. I really would like to see the current status of all my devices at a glance. I'd really like the ability to customize which columns show up on the page. I could then replace DNI with Current status since that is more useful to me.

I would like to see all of those things too! There isn't a status column and the columns are not able to be re-arranged. For the things that I often need to see the status of, I created a dashboard and that has worked out well for me.

That sentence is outdated (the hub page changed a long while back and the screenshot on the docs page is correct), and "status" wasn't what it sounds like either of you think, anyway. :slight_smile: (It was apparently some arbitrary activity cutoff to guess online vs. offline state and was nearly always wrong.)

If that's what you want, there are a couple community apps that can help. If you want to see some device state (an attribute/value likely you'll see under "Current States" on the device page), then a Dashboard (or similar third party solution) as suggested above is probably your best bet. The "Rooms" feature will probably be improved over time to show more of this too, though at the moment you can use it for switch-type devices. I think you're unlikely to get this on "Devices" for now, with one big reason being that the hub has no way to know which particular attribute you might care most about among multiple attributes on devices that implement multiple capabilities.


I envision this as something like what you get from smartthings. On/off, motion/no motion, open/closed, etc. I think for most devices and most people, the attribute choice should be fairly obvious. Of course, you will always have those cases where, as an example, someone wants the temperature of a contract sensor.

In the ST IDE, the "Status" column is (was?) actually more or less exactly what it was in Hubitat, ONLINE or OFFLINE, and equally questionable. :smiley:

In the ST mobile app, which I assume you are referring to now, this was specified in the DTH (equivalent to a Hubitat driver). However, Hubitat drivers do not have this information--that is one difference between the platforms. In many cases, a reasonable guess could probably be made (e.g., if you have something that reports both motion and battery, you probably care about the motion), but it wasn't a guess on ST. I think Hubitat might get there eventually with Rooms, and this type of guess is probably what it's doing both for that and automatic Dashboard tile selections (again another way to do this). Personally, I doubt we'll see much in the admin UI for this since they've stated that they imagined these other methods being how must regular users would interact with the system manually for day-to-day use instead.

That sentence is straight from the documentation link at the bottom of the device page. If that is the authoritative documentation for the device, why is it not being kept current?

I didn't say it wasn't from the docs, just that it's no longer accuracte. :slight_smile: Documentation is not most organizations' strong suit, and Hubitat does not seem to be an exception. I (or anyone with an account) can suggest that it be edited. It's still worth noting that it was never the feature imagined above.