Device says used in Device Watchdog

I created a second pushover device then replaced the original one I was using in device watchdog with it. Everything works like it should however in my device page for my first pushover device it still shows it being used in device watchdog. I have added it again and taken it back out but it still shows being used by the app. The push report came in on the correct new device. I know @bptworld can fix it. The app is awesome.

Not something I've seen before. @Johnnyvaneddie , please provide Hub Hardware Version and Platform version.

@gopher.ny , any other reports of this?


To @bptworld, hubitat C7, Ver

To @bptworld on device Watchdog I have Library ver 1.2.1 and 2.4.8 on the other

No other reports, AFAIK. @Johnnyvaneddie, can you post (or PM) the entire app details page, the one with state/settings/scheduled jobs?

@gopher.ny I think I sent you a PM with what you asked for. Will you let me know if I did it right

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