Device Request: Outdoor Water Sensor (Pool? Pond? Lake?)

Hello Hubitat Community!

Looking for a device (ideally 12v powered, but I'll take battery as well) that is designed to placed outside and report water temperature (bonus points if it also reports air temperature) back to Hubitat. I'm trying to monitor lake temp at the lake house and have 12/24v available at the end of the dock but not 120v. I can tuck a sensor up under the canopy on the boat lift to keep it sort of covered but it'll still be out in the elements.

This will only be deployed between May and October since we're in climate zone 4 so it'll get yoinked in the winter.

Have you considered a stock temp sensor in a ziplock? Don't laugh, this is what I use in my pool, and I can't complain about the performance.

Sure had not thought of that. I wonder if I can vacuum seal it which gives me something a little stronger to zip tie to a dock pole underwater. Then it's just getting the signal down there I guess, a repeater or two will work most likely. Can easily cut open the vacuum bag or ziplock to replace batteries which is nice obviously. Good idea!

Don't overthink it - TWO ziplocks, one with a hole punched in it, and inside the first, another one with the sensor inside, no holes.

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