Device replacement function

I know that it could be difficult, but could you considering adding a function to replace a device with another one? Now for example I had to replace a dead Xiaomi sensor with another one and I had to manually go around all apps, rules, dashboard etc.. to replace it.



It might be easier if you could create a group for a sensor. I've started using groups even for a single bulb, which makes it easier to move bulbs around or replace them without affecting the automations. If we could create groups (or proxy/virtual devices) for sensors then replacing a dead one would certainly be much simpler.

I have been able to replace devices by doing the following. (All my devices are Zigbee)

  • Pair the new device.
  • Save the "Device Network Id" and "Zigbee Id" of the newly paired device
  • Delete the newly paired device
  • Edit and save the old non working device with the saved Device Network Id and Zigbee Id.

Does this work for zwave?

I doubt it.

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  • Do Zigbee device discovery - will show Found Previously Joined Device

I just did this with an Iris V2 contact sensor that's been flakey. Reset the old one to avoid potential issues and may use it in a less important location.

I was to request the same, when I found this thread.

Editing the substituted device with the new Zigbee details works for Zigbee, but is cumbersome and prone to errors.

Using the indirect Group technique also works but adds unnecessary clutter IMHO.

I still believe that a “substitute” functionality would be useful. In my case smart bulb substitution would be frequently used. (Faulty bulbs, higher power bulbs, ...).

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I would agree with BiGs - I have a situation where I'm using a SmartThings power outlet that does power monitoring and it has gone faulty - it tells you it is switching off, the indicator light goes off, I can hear what sounds like a relay click, but it doesn't turn off. If I plug it out and leave it for a while then plug it back in again, then it will work for a few weeks before it starts this nonsense again.

I have several scripts/apps that use the power level reporting from that outlet. So (before having read this thread) I deleted the outlet, paired a new one and gave it the same name, Alexa is happy with the switch, but the HE hub deleted all references to it in my scripts/apps. Now I have recreated the missing lines in the apps, the power level monitoring is no longer working.

There definitely ought to be a feature that enables us to replace a faulty device and it needs to be more than a straight swap because you might decide to replace a faulty Zigbee device with a new Zwave and that should work too just as long as you give it the same device name that you had before.

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AFAIK ZigBee device replacement is more or less clear, as well as usage of groups for bulbs/plugs/switches.

So, looks like we missing Z-Wave device replacement standard feature to be implemented in HE GUI.


I've been looking for this, I have 2 devices that failed, and now I have about 20 things to change EACH! its not gonna be easy, Exp with Alexa and Google configurations.

Add me to this list. Many threads on fixing Zwave issues requires removing and reinstalling the device. Or if you want to do a firmware update.

Even If it only allowed a virtual device as the placeholder and force paused any rules/apps it was included in, I'd be fine with that.