Device Page add Device. Using Dashboard Drop-Down

Is there a better way to do this already? If there is I can't find it. :frowning_face:

When adding a new device, go from the Discovery Page to the Device Page by clicking on the Device Name.
Check/correct functions, drivers and Name/Label. Check/save Preferences. Configure. Test.

And then:
Instead of going from the Device Page to the App Page to the Dashboard list to the selected Dashboard, then add the new device for use with that Dashboard.

Sort of the same linkage like "In Use By" once a device has been added to a dashboard or rule.
Have a drop-down with all available Dashboards, select the desired Dashboard, add new device. Click done, back to Device page.

Or maybe I've been doing it all wrong to date. :smiley:


Do you have a screen shot of this? I can't figure out how to add a new device to one of my existing dashboards. Is that what you're doing?

Yes, that's the end goal.
But it's a little bit of a disjointed process. (For me :slight_smile: )
After you've added your new device and checked it's working properly on it's device page.
Go from the Device Page, to the App Page, to the Dashboard list, to the desired Dashboard; then add the new device for use with that Dashboard.
Then go to that Dashboard and add a new Tile for that device.

1: Add device to Hubitat. Device Discovery
1a: Check operation
2: Add new device to Dashboard App. Choose Devices
3: Add newly added device to Dashboard. Add Tile

1: Device Discovery

1a:Check operation

2: Choose Devices

3: Add Tile


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I could go back and forth with this. On the one hand, it might make it easier for some users, probably specifically new users.

But I add lots of devices I don't want on a dashboard, so it would be an extra (couple?) (few?) clicks when this was the case.

But I suspect the back-end of Hubitat isn't set up this way, and it would take a LOT of rewrite to make this work.

Isn't that the idea? :wink:

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