Device not working in device, but working with group!


Have an inwall zigbee relay (kitchen lights) which has been working fine for months. For some reason it's stopped responding when I use the dashboard trigger for that device and the device "on / off switches BUT it is working in the lighting group i set up! How can this be?

Tried rebooting the HE any ideas gurus? Rathre not have to pull the relay out of the wall and relink if possible



Does it turn on and off from the device details page?, if not and and if you have enabled zigbee group messaging in the group app, then those messages are broadcast, so every router forwards them, the dashboard and the driver count on upstream routers to forward the command to the specific device, so if the router is bad and or missing that could explain this.

You might be able to kick start the thing by turning the breaker off for 10 or 15 seconds, the device might find a new parent router...

Thanks Mike,
Yep was from the details page. I'll try "turning it off and on" ........ talk about cliche! Make sense i was playing around with a new xbee last week, might have casued a reroute.
Cheers Mike


Tracked it down and weird, but sorted. Somehow the relay ended up with a different name! I.e. new Device Network Id !
Mapped out the network with the xbee and noticed it was different from the one on the hub. Changed it to the one on the map and bingo all is restored!

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