Device not found or not authorized to send that command

Blue node is a Hue light
Red node is a Hue group.
Green node is a Zooz Button controller LED that I' turning on and off with the Hue status.
The payload coming from Hue is being set to true or false.
I get the error if the flow comes from the hue nodes.
If I inject a true or false it works.
I even through in the change node that deletes the payload and then sets payload true, topic "blank".

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Are you sure that it expects msg.payload as the input and not some other attribute? For example, when I turn on one of my lights on, the message that is passed in is msg.payload.currentValue = "on"

EDIT: If you put a debug node after your device node, you can see what attributes are sent when you manually turn a light on/off. In all likelihood, you will need to pass in the same attributes to turn it on/off from the automation.

From the Hue group I get
on: true
In the change node it sets msg.payload to msg.payload.on (true or false).
The switch node then sets true to output 1 and false to output 2.
The Hubitat command node should then turn on the LED 2, white, 20%.
But I get the error.
Note the timestamp inject and true inject both work changing the LED.

Long story short, the HE Command node is working with inject nodes of the same value as the Hue flow.

I genuinely don't quite get what you are trying to do, so if the following doesn't apply feel free to ignore...

The node-red hubitat command node only uses three inputs, and msg.payload is not one of them. So doing/setting msg.payload will never affect the command node at all.

Like most/all node-red nodes, you don't have to guess at how it works... Select the node and look at the node help. All good nodes will define what valid inputs are, and define all outputs.


So if one wanted a programmable command node for on/off commands, they would set msg.command to "on" or "off" before the command node.

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OK, I don't know why but this flow works to turn on the LED without an error.

Zooz Zen32 Scene Controller
The goal was to have the LED on the buttons follow the light they control.
I'm triggering the command node, it is configured to set the LED on or off.
In this case off.

Final working flow.

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Ah, gotcha. So I WAS misinterpreting what you were trying to do. Sorry about that.

Glad you got it working.