Device Name vs Device Label, again

Ladies and Gentlemen: The old hands here will probably beat me over the head for this, but, here goes.

Here, we see device name and device label. I have done all kinds of editing over the last few months trying to get things defined in a way that is consistent, but think I also have tangled things up in a hopelessly tangled ball.

What I want to know is this, and, please, keep the tech-use to a basic level.

The Situation At present, I am using Amazon Alexa devices for voice controls. I can call out scripts and they run fine. But, in too many cases, I might call out "Alexa, bedroom ceiling fan to low". Alexa will reply 'do you mean bedroom ceiling lights, or living room ceiling fans?' Or, it just won't respond at all. Note: if I ask Alexa to set living room ceiling fans to [speed] it works fine.

Where am I slipping up? I am in the somewhat fortunate position of only having about 30 devices, and if I need to take the "scorched earth" approach of taking all devices out, zeroing out my C-67 and starting over, I am willing to do that. I am retired, and so I have plenty of time. Starting over will also keep me out of bingo parlors and other dens of iniquity.

Thanks in advance, gang. In the past, you all have been a tremendous help.

I believe that the integration passes the Device Label to alexa and that becomes the device name in Alexa. The issue is that Alexa may not recognize the device and is looking for a correct device. It is keying off of ceiling and from there asking which device with ceiling in the label.

Try changing lables to include the location (i.e., bedroom Ceiling Fan (or simply bedroom fan)).

BTW. My Alexa is demaning couple's counseling. It seems we do not communicate. But I think she is cheating on me with the Fire TV Cube.

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I thank you. Time to do some renaming and experimenting.

Reverse the labels

Have you set up rooms for your Echo devices? Make sure each echo is assigned to a room along with the appropriate devices. In theory if you're in the bedroom you should be able to say "Alexa, fan too low". I know this works for lights, but not sure if it will for other devices. If you're in another room from the fan all bets are off.

Only works for devices defined as lights.

Ah, that's a shame, you'd think they'd have updated that by now. I wonder if you get around it by creating a virtual dimmer and have a rule that updates the fan from that.

That would work but then you'd have the reverse problem of the fan turning on and off with "turn on/off the lights" requests in an Alexa room. We use those constantly.

Good point. I'd probably set up an Alexa routine with suitable trigger phrases e.g. "Alexa, it's too warm"