Device Logging?

As a general rule should debug logging and/or description text logging be on for all of my devices? Will it bog down the hub? Should they only be turned on to troubleshoot?

Thanks for your patience with this noob question.

With in-built drivers, the 'debug' logging will turn itself off after a while.
The informational logging is ok to leave on while you are testing.
Personally, unless I'm troubleshooting, I leave most of my logging off.
(But it won't normally harm your hub if it's left on)


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Thanks Cobra, on ST I could just tap on a device and see the activity for that device, when and and sometimes why it turned on/off or when there was motion etc... is this the equivalent to the logging on HE? or is this in the events on the main page? Or are they connected?

This is the events page :slight_smile:
The log page will also show some of that dependent upon your device logging settings

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The only thing that it doesn't do is show you what turned it on/off in the events page.

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It appears "Enable descriptionText logging" is enabled by default for all devices, but in one of your recent videos, you recommend turning this off unless you're troubleshooting. I have 70+ devices on my network and am wondering if having this enabled for all of them is slowing down my hub or doing any harm? Should I leave them be? If not, is there a way to turn off logging for all devices or do I need to go into each one and turn it off? Thanks!

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No - it's not slowing your hub down. However, errors (things to be concerned about) will be pushed out of the logs sooner because they'll be replaced by newer descriptionText logs. This will make it difficult for support to diagnose issues with your hub if the need arises.

That's the only way I know. If things are working well, there's no need to do it all at once. I did for ~230 devices spread across 2 hubs. So I definitely appreciate the need to have a single setting that would turn it off.

When I creating/troubleshooting a new automation, I will enable descriptionText logging for the devices involved in that automation. And then disable it again when I know things are working as intended.


If Hubitat adds an "all logs off event" at the system level it would be easy enough to subscribe to it and add to a driver.

I am wildly against an "all logs on" feature though, and would not add support for that in any of my drivers.