Device list empty

I'm attempting to create a rule that will speak on Echo the current thermostat temperature. To do this I need to set the %Temp% variable with the current Temperature on the T-stat. When I try to select the T-stat in the device list no devices are listed. What am I doing wrong?

I'm pretty sure I'm hitting the same problem as you. I'm trying to store the current value of a dimmer level to a local variable. No devices show up when selecting "sensor value"/"dimmer" nor "device attribute".

Dimmers looks like it will show some devices but the drop-down never opens/populates.

"sensor attribute" is completely gray like there isn't anything to select.

Any thoughts here? I can set the value of the boolean %switch% with no problem but the variable %level% as a number seems to be a problem.

Quick follow-up, I tried this with a global variable instead of a local variable and it works exactly as expected. Seems to be a bug with the local variables here.

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