Device labels-dumb question

Sorry for such a basic question but I cannot find an answer. Basic question is if I change a device label will that change flow through into all Apps using the device? More detail. I am replacing some Philips bulbs with Sengled bulbs but the existing bulb labels are important for voice control. I do not want to delete existing devices until I am sure the Sengled bulbs pair and operate correctly so I would give them a temp label, if they work properly then add them into the Apps, then delete the Philips bulbs from the Apps, then from the devices, then rename the Sengled bulbs hoping that the name changes flow into the Apps. Sound OK?

Yes, the apps link by dni not by name. You can change it to whatever you want.

Yes, as long as you are not expecting that merely changing their name to the name previously used by the Phillips bulbs will cause substitution of the Sengled bulbs for the Phillips bulbs in all apps.

If you are using something like Alexa integration then yes saying "Alexa, turn on the kitchen light" will work just fine if you change the old switch to "depreciated light" and the new switch to "kitchen light." Just as @672southmain points out for automations on HE, Alexa will still view them as new devices and any routines, groups, etc on the Alexa side will have to be modified.

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More confusion...I know that deleting the name in an Alexa routine requires redoing the routine. But, what about HE apps? If for example in Maker if I have a device called Dining A and I change the label for that device to Dining 1, will the device label in Maker also change to Dining 1?

I m not familiar with the Maker app per se but in general, changing the name of a device will not require redoing rules or settings. Those are usually driven by the device network ID rather than the name, which is just a label.

Thank all, I just jumped in. The name change does indeed flow through into the Apps, but for the Echo skill you must click update to get Alexa to see the new names. Alexa does require some additional configuration but not much to the HE side of things.