Device Label Truncated

I keep setting my device label to "Thermostat: Living room" and it keeps getting reset to "Thermostat: Living r". Hubitat seems to accept me changing it to the full label and even displays it for a little while. Later, when I check the device list it is truncated. Is there a max length to device label? Does Hubitat truncate the device label?

It seems worse than that. I also have device labels that I set and then they completely revert.

Tagging @support_team

I’ve never encountered this, so I’m puzzled by what you’re seeing. Anyway, I’ve tagged support for you.

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I cannot replicate this issue. Do you mind sharing more details? Screenshots would be very helpful.

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I'm trying to capture more information about it. It has been happening all morning.

2022-12-08 at 09.47.04
2022-12-08 at 10.05.39

Thanks for sharing, the Ecobee driver takes the name from the Ecobee app. If you need to change the name of your device you will need to change it in the Ecobee app. Otherwise, changes to Hubitat will revert to the Ecobee name when the device is polled.


Interesting, but odd behavior. Of the three Ecobee devices, that is the only one that resets. Also, this happens to my Sonos devices. Of the 7 of those, only 1 of them reset. It will constantly reset from "Sonos: Kitchen" to "Kitchen".

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