Device keeps turning back on, can't see why (RM?)

I have a GE Z Wave switch (12719) that keeps turning on without me commanding it to (as far as I can tell). It would be helpful if the event log for the device could reveal the source or trigger of a state change.

There are a couple of scenarios:

If I turn the device off via the Hubitat web console, it stays off until “Certain Times” … Times that coincide with RM triggers that were deleted some time ago and should not exist/apply anymore…but apparently do.

I have the Lutron connector setup, and a Pico button is configured to turn this switch off. Pressing the Pico button works, the switch turns off, but then about 5sec later it turns right back on again, by itself. I cannot make it stay turned off via Pico button.

Hub has been rebooted but that’s about all I’ve done so far, I was interested in seeing why this is happening so I did not try removing the device and starting over with it.

Open the device details page, and at the bottom there is a list of the apps that touch that device. Show a screenshot here. It says “In Use By”. Make sure every app shown is what you expect. Also, turn on description text logging for the device while you are on that page, and click Save. Check those logs for when the device turns on unexpectedly – if it’s being turned on by an app (including the Pico) it should show “digital” as the source. RM triggers and rules make a logging entry every time they do something. So you should be able to see that happening at the same time, if that’s the case.

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Hi - thx for the response.

All "In use by" entries are expected ... although I did forget I have it being accessed by Other-Hub Pusher (for use with ST/ActionTiles.
Description text logging was already enabled, all recent entries are "digital". I went and turned on debug logging just to see.
It seems to turn on at 9am and Midnight, both of which iirc used to be RM trigger times that are now deleted ... then again, the Midnight one would have been with an OFF action, so, idk, weird.

i think i figured it out … Other Hub seems to be state UNaware, only doing toggles, not switching specifically on or off … There are ST based automations/scenes that include the OH device that believe themselves to be turning the device off, when in fact they are toggling it back on.

Oy vey. At least I have an answer I guess :slight_smile:

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oh dear, it gets stupider the further down the rabbit hole i go.

totally user error. An ST scene had the device set to the wrong state. omg. apologies to OH app, it does in fact have correct states and state setting.

Feel free to delete this whole thread and pretend like it never happened, lol.

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Nope. Threads like this are for pointing and laughing, not deleting. :wink:

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lol, i guess i was due.