Device Identification

Is there a "souce" somewhere that can tell me what make/model my devices are based on "device type" or "device id" or anything else we "see" in HE that will positively identify the make/model?

I have seen this site: for ZWave things, but my zwave devices don't come up when I search for them here. Example: deviceType: 18770, deviceId: 12337. Yes, I know it is a GE/Jasco zwave outlet (not zw+) - but it would be nice to know the make/model so I could research things about it. And better yet, maybe some of my devices are using the wrong drivers. I'd like to know.

On a similar note, is there any way to export to csv or such for all devices so I can see a "list" of what I have without going into each of my ~200 devices one by one?

All references to the manufactuer id and device id will be hex values so you need to convert the numbers shown in the data section of the device using a utility like this.

Here's a link to the list of manufacturer ids, but I haven't see anything that lists the product ids so on the z-wave alliance website you'd have to filter by that manufacturer and click on each device to find the matching product id.

When I'm adding a new device I enter the Manufacturer and Model into the "Device Name" field so I can easily identify the types of all my devices from the Devices screen.

I know that doesn't help you since you've already created all your devices, but it might help someone else starting out...

Couldn’t you just look at the label on the device itself?

That can be difficult if you have in-wall devices and LED Bulbs...