Device ID

Unless I am missing it somewhere, there’s no entry on a device showing the Device ID number. In order to find it I have to have the app on my phone launch the device in the browser (which fails if I am connected remotely) in order to find the ID in the URL.

I may use the Maker API more than some but likely less than others and this can be a bit of an annoyance/pain.

Any chance of adding the Device ID number to the Device Details at the bottom of the device page AND as a sortable column on the device list?

Also, only because I’m making this post….how about a “Feature Request” tag in the “optional tags”?

Have a great day!

Once a device is authorized with Maker API, you can generate the details for one device or all devices, which include the device id (links available in Maker API app). Also hover over any device on the Devices page (not a mobile device friendly feature) and you can see the device id displayed on the bottom of the page.

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There is a category for that. I just updated your post.