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Is there a way to easily look up a device's id? I have a feeling I know what device this is but I'd rather be sure and I don't see an id on the device page.

-had to delete the urls since this wont let me post them or an image :frowning:

dev:162020-09-14 11:20:46.446 pm [warn]
dev:162020-09-14 11:20:43.379 pm [warn]
dev:162020-09-14 11:20:43.373 pm [warn]
dev:162020-09-14 11:20:40.325 pm [warn]
app:252020-09-14 11:20:40.291 pm [info]
app:252020-09-14 11:20:30.301 pm [info]
dev:162020-09-14 11:20:30.291 pm [info]
app:252020-09-14 11:20:30.266 pm [info]

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Click on the dev:16 link.
This should highlight the device at top.

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duh... thanks!

What is the way to determine a device by ID on a C-3 hub?

I have a device that is pretty slow in the hubstats... (for the slow apps I know which ones they are by the App ID in the log)

If I go into the z-wave details, i don't see the listed devices as Device ID 1752


One way is to open live logging.
When the device with that id appears in the logs, click on the id number. It will then highlight the device at the top of the page.

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The device ID are also in the url of the device details page


Just use this URL, changing the last number to your device ID



Winner Winner, it wound up not being a Z-wave device after all but our Alexa device. Would have found it eventually in the live log but that wouldn't have happened for another 2 hours

And one of my slow apps... not to hard to guess Echo Speaks :frowning:
The other is my Sleep Number app

Thanks again


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