Device I can “train” to hear certain sounds and trigger automations?

Does anyone know of a device that I can “train” to hear certain sounds and trigger automations based on what it hears?

I can think of many use cases, but the one at hand is I have a completely offline mailbox chime that goes off when our mailbox is opened. It’s just a local beep though. I’d like a device I can train to hear that sound and respond with different rules.

I do know of the one that listens for fire/CO detectors. I have that one already, but that only works for those two devices.

If there isn’t a device like this available, it should be created! I could see lots of other uses. Dog barking, offline water detectors, baby crying, etc.

There are a bunch of RaspberryPi and even ESP32 projects that do some visual identification with simple neural nets. That is far more complicated than audio analysis in human-audible ranges (or a bit beyond). I would have to think there is a project out there that could do it. All those are relatively"easy" to pass data to a Hubitat.

Maybe base it on something like this?

Or this one:

depending on how much you like to tinker, instead of basing it on sound, you can use those contacts from the sound device to feed into a relay. whenever the relay gets triggered, it would initiate your rule

I’ve never seen a Smoke/Co detection device that wasn’t cloud based. The reason that’s even possible is because those sound are required to follow a standard. It’s not an easy task regardless.

Training isn’t very accurate. My understanding from the now dead Leeo device is they tried to do that early on and it failed. So they had to stick to the standard tones.

Why not just put a Zigbee or Z-Wave contact sensor or motion sensor in your mailbox?

I believe the ecolink firefighter (assuming that’s what you’re referring to) is listening for a specific pattern of beeps at a specific sonic frequency, which is standardized by UL certification.

While I agree it would be amazing to have something similar for any sound imaginable, that seems like a much more difficult task for a small sensor device...

Definitely check out the ecolink firefighter. It was z-wave only for a while, and now has a zigbee version as well.

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Totally forgot about that. I've no experience with it, but knew of it. Didn't know it's available in Zigbee now. Thanks!

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not sure how much you like to tinker, but this looks interesting. Got one for 5 bucks but haven't used yet

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