Device health

how can I monitor the health of any zigbee device to make sure it is communicating to the hubitat?

There can be some caveats involved when saying you can monitor the communications with any zigbee device, but a popular option and one I would suggest looking at is Device Watchdog.


I use the following app to monitor for devices that are inactive. It is very simple and straightforward to use, and it works very well.


One more point.
Although I use Device Activity Check for my zigbee battery devices, there is another way that I use to check on devices like the Ikea Tradfri repeater.

  1. Under settings, go into Zigbee details. When the Zigbee settings page comes on, turn zigbee logging on.
  2. open another tab, and bring up the devices page. On that devices page, select the particular Ikea Repeater. Go to the device details page. On that page, click any butoon (link quality, etc.)
  3. go back to the zigbee logging page. You should see various items in the log for that device - if it's still working on the mesh.

thanks for the help