Device handlers

Can Smartthings device handlers be used on Hubitat?
I noticed that both are build on the Groovy platform and the code appears to be similar in many respects...

Sort of. They are similar, but not always exactly the same. Buttons are one example where they vary greatly. If you know what you are doing, the drivers can be ported however.

But which driver are you talking about, and did you look to see if there was a Hubitat driver, or built-in driver already? There are tons of drivers on here, I would be surprised if there wasn't one that could be used.

Neonturbo - thanks for your lightning fast response....

I'm only getting into HE. I bought it and am awaiting the Amazon delivery. I'm a long time ST user with over 100 devices and all kids of nasty and quirky DH's on that platform. I'm completely fed up with the latest set of BS from ST (error ridden migration) and a series of daily platform outages and have decided to jump...

I find myself excited on what i've read and seen on HE - but truly fear migrating all my Zwave, Zigbee and Wemo devices given the tons of pairing issues that I had on ST.

The one saving grace is that documentation appears to be more organized and available than for ST.

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Try looking though here to get a sense of it. I've responded to people's pleas for porting assistance only to find the DTH just pastes in without a change. :slight_smile:

physicalgraph --> hubitat is often all it takes.

Not sure if there is a question in there somewhere, but from what most people say Hubitat and Smartthings are totally different experiences.

My one piece of advice is to look up Zwave stuff here before pairing. Zwave on the C7 has some specific pairing procedures that need to be done on some Zwave devices, mostly regarding secure pairing (S0, S2 etc). This seems to be due to Silabs 700 series firmware "quirks" from what I can tell. Don't let me scare you by saying that, but just that it will be easier if you know going in what works best for each device brand/model.

Zigbee generally is quick and easy to pair. I doubt you will have issues with those.

Thank you - will review - appreciate the help

Post links to the DHT's you need and I'll convert em if they're not too crazy.

Thanks re C7 and zwave, yes i've read a few items but didnt get an appreciation of how prevalent the issue maybe.. Thanks again for your insight

omg thank you!

Prevalent isn't anywhere near the case, I would say occasional would probably be more appropriate. But you don't know which devices are which unless you research first. So if you go all willy-nilly pairing stuff, you could end up with a mess. The first 20, 50, or whatever devices you pair might be fine, but then you get to that one device and it causes you endless pain.

Most of the problems I see are related to pairing so just do some research and see if there are any gotchas for the device you are pairing. Particularly if it uses any type of security. Avoid S0 where possible it's really chatty. If a device pairing fails, deal with the failed pair immediately. You won't be able to remove it as long as it's powered up so either flip the breaker, air gap, disconnect power, or pull battery. Once you kill power to the device then click refresh until it goes to failed and then click remove. If you see busy messages in the logs do a safe shutdown from settings and then pull power for a minute before continuing.

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Follow these two guides as you build your meshes:

How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh

How to Build a Solid Z-Wave Mesh

And welcome to the Hubitat community!

thanks again!!

thank you for the help - much appreciated..

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thanks for the links - just read them - great help and insight !!

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